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Creating cool stuff for cool people who seek new and refreshing ways of expressing themselves.

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Bootleggers: Lunar Ambitions


Page 1 (1 panel)
1.1 - White over black, “Bootleggers: Lunar Ambitions” centered

Page 2 (3 panels)
1.1 - A wide shot of the NYM at night, skyscrapers, skyways, airships, etc. seen (but no Statue of Liberty, just the large pedestal on a slightly smaller Ellis Island), “New York Metropolis, 2099” written over the panel
1.2 - Skyscrapers (most attached), airships (some light blue), monorails, skyways, bridges, and billboards at night from a distance
> Narrator: The year was 2099.
1.3 - Closer to skyscrapers of the Bronx
> Narrator: Things had changed.

Page 3 (4 panels)
2.1 - A single skyscraper with skyways running through it and next to it
> Narrator: The American government had been reformed. The country was run by a small group of elected officials, uncreatively called the Leaders. I won't go into detail.
2.2 - The outside of a corner restaurant with a sign reading "Millie's High Diner"
> Narrator: The government let us do what we wanted as long as we followed their unwritten rules. We didn't bother the Public and the Public Protection didn't bother us.
2.3 - Inside the diner, including a counter, a jukebox, tables, and a few people
> Narrator: When it comes down to it, we broke the laws that others didn't dare to break – had no interest in breaking – and we got away with it because if there wasn't any national conflict for the Public to worry about...
2.4 - Seen from behind, a man wearing dark clothes smoking and sitting at the counter, some pale red vapor faintly seen but his Cig unseen
> Narrator: ...then they'd begin to wonder what was going on in the rest of the world.

Page 4 (2 panels)
3.1 - From the same angle, a second man wearing a fedora sits down next to the other man
3.2 - From the same angle, a middle-aged female server gives the second man a mug of coffee

Page 5 (3 panels)
4.1 - From the front, the smoking man (The Darb) puts his lit up red Cig in his mouth, the other man unseen
> The Darb: You deliver the flowers on time?
4.2 - From the side, only part of his face seen as he exhales pale red vapor
4.3 - From the front, the second man (Mac) sips his coffee, leaning on the counter in front of him, the other man unseen
> Mac: In the end, but there were a couple of bugs.

Page 6 (3 panels)
5.1 - From the side, the red Cig in the smoking man's hand, the rest of his body unseen
> The Darb: You squashed them, I'm sure.
5.2 - The second man's face, always with light blue eyes
5.3 - From the front, the second man, looking down at his coffee, holding it slightly above the counter with his right hand
> Mac: I took care of it.

Page 7 (1 panel)
6.1 - Deep in the metro, amongst the skyscrapers, monorails, and skyways
> Narrator: Personally, I had no interest in being another Public drone with a comparably average life of work, leisure, and consumption.

Page 8 (3 panels)
7.1 - A large light blue airship taking up the majority of the panel, the “Blue Airships” logo printed on the side of it
7.2 - From the same angle but closer to the airship, the airship passes out of frame, revealing a monorail
7.3 - From the same angle but closer to the monorail, the monorail in motion, leaving the frame

Page 9 (3 panels)
8.1 - Up close, a skyway that was seen behind the monorail before, filled with and illuminated by vehicles
> Narrator: Personally, I preferred to take the road less traveled.
8.2 - Another lower skyway beyond the previous one
8.3 - More even lower skyways beyond the previous one

Page 10 (4 panels)
9.1 - A group of skyscrapers seen at a downward angle
> Narrator: I decided to run this metro.
9.2 - Seen from above, a man lying on the ground in a puddle of red blood, with some on his chest, in the gap between the buildings
9.3 - Closer to the dead man
9.4 - The dead man up close
> Narrator: I became a bootlegger.
B1 Prologue Script
The complete script (with undetailed panel descriptions) for the brief prologue of Bootleggers: Lunar Ambitions, the first in a series of four planned graphic novels. Lunar Ambitions takes place in late century 21 and early century 22 and mainly follows a gangster as he tells his story of how the New York Metropolis bootlegging industry collapsed and how the Moon Colonization Program by Blue Airships fits into it all. In a United States of the near future with a government and society quite different from ours of the present, the culture is essentially a mash-up of the cultures of the 1920s-1950s. The graphic novel is intended to be mostly in grayscale with splashes of color when specified.

Songs used for inspiration: Caravan Palace-Lazy Place (p2-10)


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